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Some sound impressions and comments of Fénix II & Fénix III


Samples of the Fenix GT (prototype)
First try, 2-VCO's, 12dB filter en 24 db filter, ADSR + sequencer.
Dennis 1,  3-VCO's, Noise, 12dB filter, BP filter, LP filter, wave multiplier ADSR, SlewLimiter + sequencer.

Dennis 4, 1 vco + waveshaper + all lfo's + bandpass vcf + sequencer.

Dennis 5, Ambient 3-VCO's, 1 x noise 2 x lfo (2+3) 1 x waveshaper 1 x wavemultiplier 3 x vca 1 x phaser
2 x audio mixer 1 x lowpass vcdf 12/24db met 24 db output + sequencer.

Dennis 6, GTDark

Dennis 7, GTMellow, VCO, morfing outputs of the multimode filter with 3 VCA's and LFO3

Dennis 8, GTMellow

Dennis 9, GTMellow


Drone (Copyright Cor Bolten)

Cor Bolten-Stereo-06

Cor Bolten DroneStereo-01,

Cor Bolten DroneStereo-08,

Cor Bolten DroneMono-01,

Cor Bolten DroneMono-04,

Cor Bolten DroneStereoDelay-02,

Dor Bolten DroneStereoDelay-04,

Cor Bolten DroneStereoDelay-05,

Dor Bolten DroneStereoDelay-07,






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