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Fénix II-D











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Below you find some pictures of the models with special housing ( 3&4), 19" ears (5)  and wooden side panels (6).
At the sample page you find the specs at the specification page and sound samples at the sample page.





Look Ma: No oscillators. FenixII

Fenix II (from the ashes) schokokontrol

Fenix II: Seq, Fm, RngMd schokokontrol

Fenix II Modular Multiplier Delay patch example David Morley

Orion Von Schuler (This synth is phenomenal and probably the only instrument I will ever need to play again!)
Drone(Copyright Cor Bolten)
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Fenix II with buildin Midi Thes Fénix belong to Daniel Freund. Midi modification is done by Sebastian Niessen.

Info about this "advanced 4-channel Midi-interface" see http://www.s-n-d.com/specialse.html




Fenix II in special housing with led lights


Fenix with 19"rack ears
Fenix with wooden site panels

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