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Model:         Syntovox 221
Bands:         20
Retail price   6000 Euro
Produced:    >20
Size:           4 HE
Features:     High end model with noise & VCO, matrix panel, voiced & unvoiced inputs, attenuator per channel.


pare parts

CA 3080


HA 4741




TDA 1034/NE5534


ManualInput schematicsPSU schematicsVCO schematics, Vocoder output mixer


Only about 20 of these were made. Users include Wendy Carlos (who owns a 221 & SPX 216), Bruno Spoerri,

various electronic studio's in Europe.  Best suited for studio use due to complex control.



The 221 has a 50-pin connector on the back which provides CV in and out for each channel, and other functions. 





A spectrogram of the 20 filters, spaced in minor thirds.The four bands per octave create a diminished chord. Noise Sweep

The sample below is a polysynth chord on carrier, a S&H sine on the speech input.
One channel is without voiced/unvoiced detection, the other switches to internal noise on unvoiced sounds.
The left and right sounds are recorded in different passes. Play


The 1220 vocoder expander unit pictured above this 221 is a one-off piece Synton built for Dutch broadcasting company NOS.

It houses a pitch to voltage converter, CV freeze function and a 'presto-patch' edge connector for making analyzer-synthesizer patches.

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