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Model: Syntovox 222
Bands 10
Retail price 900 Euro
Produced:   19?
Size:1 HE
Features; Noise generator, linked to upper three channels only.

The Syntovox 222 was Synton's best selling vocoder.
A simple, but good sounding model for small studio and live use.


pare parts

CA 3080


HA 4741/TL074

TDA 1034/NE5534

MN 5837N



Schematics 222 1979 model (without noise)
Schematics 222 1981 model


The Syntovox 222 was also sold to Dynacord for OEM use.
It was marketed in Germany as Dynacord SRV66.
The Dynacord label is a sticker over the original "Echolette" label.

Manual of the SRV-66 

Schematics of the SRV-66




The sample below is a polysynth chord on carrier, a S&H sine on the speech input.
No noise generator is used in this sample.

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