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The Syrinx is a monophonic analog synth. It has no Midi and no presets. 
The Syrinx is actually Syrinx 2, the first syrinx Syrinx 716 (1973) never came out. 
The first serie has a black painted bend pad and it was presented at the Firato fair (amsterdam) in red, white, (blank alu) blue and orange. The later models has a blue bend pad. The colours were blue, red, black and grey with white text. 
Syrinx . 

Audio sources: 2 VCO’s, Divider, PRM, noise. (External audio in on last series) 
Modulation sources: 2 ADSR’s, 2 LFO’s,
Modulation pad, CV in, keyboard (not on last series) 

Syrinx Schematics, Syrinx Manual txt only, 
Syrinx manual dutch 

Some youtube movies Thomas P Heckmann Syrinx Brochure Spare parts  The syrinx is based at curtis ic’s VCO-CEM3340, VCF-CEM3350, VCA-CEM3360, EGR-CEM3310, OPAMPS TL074 (or 4741), LM324 CA3140 and CA3080 CMOS IC 4001, 4013 Rotation switch Lorlin (fi CK1514 , CK1061 )  Potmeters and faders Radiohm. Potmeters: the Weltron WEP160KC(S)-12-50F1 is mayby a replacement for the radiohm potmeters. See page spareparts, some parts are availlable Modifications We have sold syrinx with an EH instant replay. The syrinx was modified for using the with the instant replay. You can play the instant replay with the syrinx and the output of the instant replay is processed by the syrinx. Instant Replay There a arelso modified syrinx with extra CV inputs for the filter frequency and the ADSR parameters, Audio input for the filter, CV input for controlling the modulation from the ADSR to the filter and VCA, CV input for the touchpad. Syrinx patchsheet Filters: Three VCF’s. The three filters can be switched in various ways. This makes the Syrinx very flexible A final series of six Syrinxes was made after Synton went out of business. These were mounted in flight cases, and had no keyboard Due to the large number of controls, it is not always easy to reproduce a sound you’ve made earlier.The Syrinx uses seven Curtis chips for VCO’s, VCA, RM, VCF’s and envelopes.